Engrish Movie Reviews: 80s Classics From Year 1980s!

United States years 1980s in the states! This year could be the funnest film fun for all ages (of all time). The movie release is no exception. Scarily movies, funny movies, and so many magnificents, all in these years from the 1980 ro the 1989. To track the steady, the hard becomes released from the tip of it. Children, and I, and mothers, and all the ghosts of 1980 love to watch any movie from this the time of the year. Best music, best cartoon, see the woman groped by a man with breathsteal puff hair. The 1980.
When I reviewed four of the new movie from 1980, I thought to myself: What ones to choose! I chose this: Breakfast Club, and Do the Right Thing, and The Priceless Bride, and Terminator starring Anorudoanorudoshuwarutsenegga is priceless! Is about to begin the ride of your life.

Stand back up.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast ClubA Class of five malfunctioning children are abused by teachers are sent to schools during school hours in the prison. Students have different styles:

  1. Sport star date raper boy
  2. Geek stink smell the leather boy
  3. Criminal vagabond man
  4. Blood dripping from her vagina endlessly screeching foul witch girl.
These characters are unlikable, the audience will be the end of the movie you want to die for sure. It is as unfortunate for the viewer that his movie does does not experience this behavior itself, I'm sorry.

In this film, all characters, very boring and ugly, stupid, it can still be seen if one watches it. However, this method is not recommended. There are no nerve endings in the mollusk of the sea, so please yourself instead and do it with one them sexually. Which is to say: You can not do to your sexual activities with this film, but involvement of some sort of mollusk is bloodless, and pure. But to see this movie, is more likely to be happy with erotic prostitutes which are infected with herpes disease and so dry downtown. But you viewed this film so now your genitals are cut off. Have the enjoy.


What kind of a stink hole.
If you are looking to commit to commit suicide it would surely be more enjoyable.
Otherwise, you can see the filth of this corruption on screen and despair.


Do The Right Thing

Do The Right ThingUnited States year 1980, many films were a characteristic time for black men. Mookie the character from the movie is a black. And he comes from the mind of America director Spike Lee. In this film Blacks Americans are not directed to be the slaves anymore. But they are still treated as such by the filthy Italy pigs on here. Still one pig for the name is still a pig.
It is in the summer, Broken fire hydrants and games of children as they play in the streets. Mookie is on the town to offer delivery from pizza place owned by the Italian dogs (making the money). You can see that many characters are evil in this film. The good book is nowhere to be found.
The sun gets hot on the head of the character Mookie so that Mookie is frying pan hot. Mookie is abused too much, and takes berserking revenge to the evil king of the pizza. He has his own shop and Mookie is thinking of throwing a trash container into the window! Now to suppress a riot, a huge retarded and spiritual man must stop listening to all the music on his radio all day. Failure is caused by the large retarted idiot. He does not turn off the radio. Mookie throws the garbage and the riot begins. White cop beat down.
This movie is racist in the U.S. about how anyone can teach you racism when they are one. For humans to live in this country isn't anything good I see.


Good lesson for children. What is the point of the wizard detective?
To support the relationship between race and the fun time is how.


The Priceless Bride

Princess BrideNow I am here for you, here is one of the funny funnies discussed earlier. This movie can trigger a smile more than you can. don't doubt. You will laugh like a jackal. Required view. Give out the most quiet cry at the sad parts. A screen is calculated by vultures and curses your name. Enjoy it. The devil is in the dark during this fim experience.

The plot is that as a stupid son, my grandfather is sitting to read me bedtime stories. Want to understand what happens my son? My grandfather was kidnapped by an evil hump king, he tried to rape the tough boyish Princesses Butter. Pirate Robert show up until he begins to cut the enemy so he can find that princess. Now here is a bald man and chess. Trick! Drink poison.
Not forgetting the jokes of course, there are many and both sides of you will be split using the blade of humor. Also, instead of Zorro, he appears to be of the filthy Mexicans. He is generally garbage. Also, in this film you will see the giant freak whom might scare the children and the elderly. But do not worry! He is friendly.

If women were to watch they can learn a powerful lesson: Love your man for a powerful lesson. He can teach you anything and save you from the rape. If, as far as any sort of stupid horse goes, that's not my concern. But I think you can accept this advice.


Shedding fine farmers and birds in the air.
Start the tires, and start a fires.
The Priceless Bride is the explosion in the past.



TerminatorWonderful fantasy! Actor Anorudoanorudoshuwarutsenegga starring is now as the Senator! This film displays the best actings of Anorudoanorudoshuwarutsenegga of our generations. He who shot his own robot boss, and his own face in the blast of a shotgun, and lived to tell about it. He is a future robot. You can see he is a villian. He also does not apply in humans beings world, and can do as he pleases.
Sarah Connor is not nearly as beautiful as girl I know Sarah (who is nice and sweet! Hello!), Anorudoanorudoshuwarutsenegga comes back from the time the journey to kill a her in any case. Not successful. Needless waste. The shirtless man Kyle (We say nothing about it) fights the Gigaviolence Terminator to save Sarah. This film is is filled with robots and a lot of death and genocide. Nice.

To stop it from the fate of humanity, nasty goddess Sarah Connor must battle Skynet Sarakonazu. 2 Hours is all the time you need to fight the company maniac. How to do this? A Skynet Terminator Anorudoanorudoshuwarutsenegga stopped once to fight, and is now blowing himself sturdily. This will not help. Her only hope, has been active soldiers from the post-apocalyptic war, whom chased the Terminator back through time. On the future of mankind is the discovery of one of her first one ... The baby in her narrow vagina.


If you are stupid, please try to the remembering the robot can not be killed with a gun.
Robot can not bleed. This film has no Asians.