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If you work in an office with a communal refrigerator, there's a good
chance that you (or someone you love) has been a victim of Lunch Theft.
Those afflicted with Lunch Theft are often left feeling angry,
depressed, hopeless, and even--somewhat bewilderingly--sexually
violated. But it is important for victims of Lunch Theft to remember
that they are not alone. In fact, it is estimated by the Federated
Association of The National Council of Meat that sixteen out of ever
hundred office lunches is eaten (without permission) by someone other
than the rightful owner of the lunch.

As law enforcement is little help when it comes to "some guy eating another guy's pizza rolls", victims of lunchcrime are left with two choices:

A. Starve to death

B. Seek revenge against those who have wronged them by spiking food
with various substances and leaving it in the fridge as "bait".

I'll just say straight away that if you came here looking for a guide on how to starve to death, you're going to be sorely disappointed. But if, on the other hand, you were looking strictly for information related to the poisoning of lunch-theving coworkers, I think you'll be pleased with the list I've compiled here.

Disclaimer: Obviously this article is purely hypothetical, and
is in no way intended as any sort of "poisoners guidebook", but I
certainly can't stop anyone from actually trying any of these things.
All I would say to anyone depraved enough to do so (aside from
"please don't") is: If you end up getting caught, I'd appreciate it if
you avoid mentioning where you got the idea.


1. LSD

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Most of you probably believe that poisoning a co-worker with illegal
psychedelics because they stole food from a communal refrigerator is
more than a little extreme. Honestly, so do I. But that doesn't make
the idea of doing it any less amusing to me, so I'm just gonna go ahead
and discuss it anyway.
"Oh what's that you say? You want some of my leftover pizza? Sure. Go
right ahead! But just so you're aware, I always like to place a couple
thousand micrograms of LSD on each piece. You know, for kicks. But
don't worry, if you don't go in for that sort of thing, you don't have
to eat it.

Say again? You already took the entire box out of the fridge and ate it
without my permission five minutes ago? Hoo boy. That really is a
shame. Truly it is. I suppose all you can do now is get you to a
darkened room and hope the twelve to fourteen hour descent into
nightmarish, ego-shattering psychedelic madness you're about to
experience will teach you not to eat food that doesn't belong to you.
Now if you'll excuse me, I've probably got some filing to do or

Risk Of Death Or Serious Injury: Extremely Low

In all honestly, you needn't worry too much about doing any long-term
damage to someone you've secretly dosed with acid. Aside from some
truly intense visual hallucinations and the soulrendingly terrifying
plunge into your own subconscious, there's really not much that can go
wrong with an acid trip.
Regardless of what the DEA or D.A.R.E. would like you to believe, LSD
Poses No Real Physical Danger To 99.99% Of The Population
Well, maybe no direct physical danger anyway. One "issue" which
may arise is if the guy you've just poisoned "freaks the fuck out" and
goes on a rampage, slicing off his kneecaps with a rusty soup can lid
and devouring a small child before leaping into the path of an oncoming
train full of lesbian nuns or something. Obviously this is unlikely to
occur, but one can never be completely sure about such things.
Luckily, avoiding this sort of reaction is fairly simple: All you must
do is ensure that the dose of acid the food thief receives is so high
that they can do little but lie on the ground for several hours in a
near-catatonic state. This will either be the most terrifyingly
experience imaginable, or it'll be so beautiful it changes their life
forever. Either way, you can rest assured that your megadosed pizza
roll pilferer will barely be able to comprehend their own existence,
let alone do harm to anyone.

So hey: no worries!


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Ah yes, the laxative. Just the name brings back memories of my old
college days when my dorm buddies (Drooper, Fat Randy, The Rickster,
Hoofboy, Ol' Viggy) and I would go back and forth, constantly prank
back and forth by lacing each other's milkshakes with dangerous doses
of laxatives until someone (who would be deemed "the loser") would
double over, give a bloodcurdling scream, and then simply begin
spraying large chunks of bloodied stool from his rectum before passing
out due to severe dehydration at which point one of us would say "you
look a bit parched" and then proceed to gleefully urinate all over his
semiconscious form.
And even though I obviously just made all that crap up, my point still
stands: You can put laxatives in food in order to cause diarrhea and/or
gastrointestinal discomfort.

But if you plan to do so, just remember that there are multiple types
of laxatives out there. To go into detail here would be both pointless
and dull, so let us just say that for the purposes of doping a
coworker's food (meaning, of course, your food which they have stolen),
one should choose a "hydrating" type laxative such as magnesium sulfate
rather than a bulk-producing type such as Metamucil. Metamucil is all
but worthless when it comes to laxative poisoning, but if 2-4 teaspoons
of magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salts), were ingested, most food thieves
would probably filling their pants within the hour (which I would
assume is what one would prefer).

Risk Of Death Or Serious Injury: Probably Low, But Then Again: What
Do I Know?

Obviously I'm not a doctor, but it's probably not that big of a deal to
secretly give someone a small dose of epsom salts to teach them a
valuable (and likely hilarious) lesson about stealing. That said,
heaping megadoses of laxatives into anyone's food (thief or no), could
potentially cause a whole bunch of serious problems. So unless you
wanna run the risk of being charged with the "accidental" murder of the
fat guy from Legal who kept eating your chicken club sandwich, you
might want to leave the epsom salts at home.


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Once, when I was a kid, I stayed overnight at my grandmother's house.
Just before bed, I found that I had some pain in my shoulders, and
asked her what I should take for it. She said "Oh, just put some Bengay
on it, that'll fix it right up." Not knowing what Bengay was or how it
worked, I went into the bathroom and proceeded to slather 6-10 handfuls
of it all over my entire upper body. Then I went to bed. A short time
later, the Bengay began to "work", and I spent the next hour or so
rolling around on the floor shrieking and clawing futilely at my
sizzling skin in burn victim agony.
It's safe to say I learned a valuable lesson that day: Never take
advice from someone who is old.

Risk Of Death Or Serious Injury: High?

Well, since Putting
Way Too Much Bengay On Your Skin Can Apparently Kill You
, I'll
go out on a limb and say that it probably isn't safe to ingest it
either. But I'll also go out on a limb and say that if you
slathered a small dollop of it on a sandwich instead of mayonnaise, the
guy who takes a bite of it probably isn't gonna want to swallow it when
the inside of their mouth starts burning with the fire of a thousand
red dwarfs.

But let's be honest here: There's only one real way to find out.



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This method differs slightly from the others, in that you are not
"adding" the rodent to another food. The idea here is to bread and deep
fry a dead rodent (mole rat, marmot, dwarf-tailed squirrel, etc) so
that it resembles fried chicken. While one could certainly clean and
gut the animal beforehand, this would likely ensure that the resulting
food was "not very gross", and so defeating the entire purpose of
tricking someone who was trying to steal your lunch into eating a small
rodent. Therefore it is recommended that you procure a dead, rotting
rodent from a dumpster somewhere and fry it up with its fur, eyes,
teeth, claws, and innards fully intact.
Mark my words: When a devious coworker crunches down into a juicy hunk
of gristly organs, charred fur, and tiny, greyish rodent bones, they
won't be much inclined to raid the breakroom refrigerator for quite a
while. Once they're able to stifle the endless geyser of vomit which
will undoubtedly begin streaming from their gaping maw, go ahead and
explain what you just did to them. Most likely, they'll shake your hand
and thank you for teaching them the difference between right and wrong.

Risk Of Death Or Serious Injury: Potentially High

Depending on how long the rodent has been dead (and what diseases it
was carrying) the person who eats your fried muskrat is subject to a
number of risks, up to and including:

  • Being Pretty Grossed Out
  • Light Indigestion
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • E. Coli
  • Botulism (Loss of Speech/Vision, Muscle Weakness, Muscle
  • Death

In short: Use your best judgment when feeding what could be improperly
prepared dead rodents to people without their knowledge.


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Those of you without a well-developed thirst for vengeance might prefer
to "mark" a workplace food thief for later identification, rather than
causing harm to him or her. If this is the case, you might want to
consider placing some Exploding Dye
(the type often used to foil bank robbers) into your
Then, when the thief attempts to sneak out of the room with your bag, a
small transmitter (which you have secretly placed near the breakroom's
exit) sends a signal to the dye pack when it comes into range, causing
it to explode, releasing a large cloud of red smoke, a burst of red
dye. This chemical reaction also causes the dye pack burn at a
temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is also a plus.
For obvious reasons, this method will only work if you have access to
these materials, if the pilferer steals your entire lunch (as opposed
to just taking one item from the bag), and that also they remove it
from the break room to eat it. As a failsafe, you might try spending a
day or two lying in wait near the fridge, crouched under a table or
behind a piece of nearby furniture with a bottle of ink clutched in
your hand. That way, if someone tries to take your food you can at
least leap out, shout "ho ho!", and hurl the ink all over them. Sure,
it's low tech, but I still feel like it'd be pretty satisfying.

Risk Of Death Or Serious Injury: Moderate

Well, unless someone has a severe allergy to ink, not much is probably
gonna go wrong on that front. I'd say the real danger here comes in the
form of the 400+ degree chemical burns the victim of your revenge has
the potential to sustain. I'll let you decide for yourself how
dangerous a thing like that can be.


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I feel like A
Simple Quote
should suffice here:

"The hottest hot sauce scientifically possible is one rated
16,000,000 Scoville units, which is pure capsaicin. Examples of hot
sauces marketed as achieving this level of heat are Blair's 16 Million
Reserve (due to production variances, it is up to 16 million Scoville


Risk Of Death Or Serious Injury: Low

Let me tell you: I'm so oversensitive I can barely even eat "Medium"
Tostitos salsa without slipping into a capsaicin-induced coma, so I
can't even begin to fathom the pain a person would experience upon
eating one of these fabled superchilis. I was able to find One

who described the feeling of eating an entire Bhut Jolokia pepper
(rated at one million Scoville units) as "an all-out assault on the
senses, akin to swigging a cocktail of battery acid and glass shards."
Somehow though, I feel like this is an understatement.


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Alright, obviously I'm not gonna include any photos of pig fetuses on
here, because hey: Pig fetuses are pretty nasty. If you really want to
see what they like, you can Click
This Link
, but I don't really recommend it.
But if you're not too grossed out and can find a pig fetus, it'd
definitely pretty simple to trick someone into eating one. All
you'd have to do is put a bunch of them (they can be pretty small) them
inside a sandwich with some lettuce or something, and then place the
sandwich inside a paper sack in the fridge. You might want to label the
sandwich bag something like "chicken sandwich" or something, to reduce
the chances of the thief opening it up to see what's in side. Then,
when someone steals your lunch, one of three things will happen:

  1. They will open the sandwich before eating it, discover that it is
    full of pig fetuses, and vomit in disgust.
  2. They will bite into the sandwich, discover that it is full of pig
    fetuses, and vomit in disgust.
  3. They will bite into the sandwich, discover that it is full of pig
    fetuses, shrug, and eat the rest of it anyway.

As far as I'm concerned, all three results would be considered a

Risk Of Death Or Serious Injury: Variable

If you were to take the time to properly cook (or at least sterilize)
the fetuses before use, I'm sure they wouldn't do much harm to anyone.
But cooking them also makes them significantly less gross, which would
kinda defeat the whole purpose of making a pig fetus sandwich anyway.
And as for sterilizing them, I don't even know if that's possible.
You'd really have to consult a fetus expert or something. But I do know
that serving them uncooked is probably not much safer than eating raw
Which is to say, not too safe.



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Just because CS Gas
is most often
used to subdue violent (or otherwise uncooperative) rioters and
prisoners, that
doesn't mean you can't use it on a coworker who tries to eat some
yogurt without permission. Then again, it might be illegal to even own
this stuff, so I'd suggest you do some research before you go around
hucking canisters of it through the windows of street vendor carts and
nursing homes.
Even so, you can't deny that it would be pretty funny to spray down all
your food with a bit of CS (the effects of which range from "mild
tearing of the eyes to immediate vomiting and prostration") and then
wait to see which of your thieving coworkers takes the bait and has to
be rushed to the emergency room due to a relatively minor social
infraction they've committed. Or maybe you don't think that'd be funny
at all, and I'm really just some kind of sick, sadistic animal who
should be locked away due to his complete disregard for other human
Yeah that's probably it.

Risk Of Death Or Serious Injury: Either Low, Or Extremely High

CS is usually considered "non-lethal", but Doubts Have Been
regarding its safety. So sure, it might kill a guy,
cause permanent nerve
damage, or alter his DNA or something, but remember: THIS PERSON

are those who would consider even death to be too mild a punishment for
such an offense.


I've hope you've come away with a least a couple of good ideas for
Substances With Which You Could Theoretically Poison A Coworker Who Has
Been Stealing Your Food. And be sure and take note of the
"Theoretically" in there, because there's no way in hell I'm taking the
fall if some kid decides it'd be funny to smear a chili-pepper stuffed
dead rat with Bengay and laxatives before shoving it down his elderly
boss's throat to punish her for eating a couple of his Mentos off his
desk earlier in the day.
I've been down that road before, and I don't plan to take it again. So
if someone is stealing your food at work, don't take matters into your
own hands by attempting to poison them: Steal someone else's.

Thanks, and good luck!

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